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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gift #2 - Frou Frou Tutu

For a little girl who loves to wear dresses, I thought some dress-up outfits would be the thing for Christmas this year. Someone else was buying her a trunk of dress-up clothes, so I went with a tutu. Black and white with some silver glitter tulle mixed in, plus some longer ribbons in matching colors. It was actually quite easy. Just have to loop the tulle over some elastic and through itself.

If only she wore it as often as she dances. I should teach her to wear it when she wants to dance.


  1. thanks for the comment & stopping by my blog :). The fabric is cotton but I don't put it in there when it's uber hot of coarse. If you wanted to though I'm sure you could line it with a heat proof fabric instead of cotton :)