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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Final Countdown

Rustic cabin sitting
at the end of a long drive.
It's been a year,
too long!

I need this relaxation.
I need this week of family.

Baby is swimming,
Grill is sizzling.
Can't forget the mini golf.

Big fish waiting
for that worm on a hook.
Easy food,
be careful!

I need this serenity.
I need this environment.

Brother's snapping pictures,
Dog's are napping.
Trivia games all night.

Porch swing swaying
in the warm summer breeze.
Falling asleep,
nice nap.

I need the laughter.
I need the fun.

I love my knitting,
Jeff is reading.
Amazing week-long vacation.

Only one more day!

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